Why Receive and Even Recommend Massage Treatment?

Receiving massage connects elements of the self with the cosmos. Whoa! I know right – amazing. Those of us who have received a massage treatment, and have had the pleasure of experiencing the effects know exactly what I mean. During massage you’re taken into the subliminal heavens and after massage you feel refreshed, enlightened and generally speaking – just great. In short, who wouldn’t want their friends and family to have a chance to experience this greatness as well.

For those who don’t quite understand what I mean allow me to begin by saying, our bodies are the greatest instruments we will ever own, therefore, it is important we aim to keep ourselves in tune with what we’re made of, and what we make of that. Muscles, which account for much of our physical being, allow us to move and carry out several tasks – you name it – muscles attach to tendon which attach to bone and usually cross a joint space. Muscles are made up of fascicles, bundles of muscle fibers which are the muscle cells that contain the contractile proteins required for muscle contractions. Each muscle fiber has its own nerve telling it what to do or how to be. We are born with a certain number of muscle fibers and these fibers grow in size (not number) with physical activity. Blood vessels permeate muscles feeding and removing chemical constituents required for movement and in turn muscle contractions push our blood and its constituents around the body for even exchange. Fascia is a vast connective lining which infests almost all body structures small (cells) and large (organs), compartmentalizing them. When tensions build, fascial linings tighten, muscles contract and restrict the flow of blood which inhibits proper nutrient exchange at which point biochemical stagnancy builds in the tissues and the tissues begin to complain. Ew – I know – not to worry it happens to the best of us.

Most of our lives are extremely busy, especially here in Toronto, where the city space and pace are constantly on the move. Massage Treatment is one sure way to escape the hustle, allowing you to experience your body passively as your therapist stretches, compresses and lifts tissues eliminating tensions and bringing fluidity back into being. Allow me to explain a little further what I mean. Most experiences we have or are participating in are done actively – you are physically or mentally doing something throughout the experience for that experience to happen, ie: riding a bike, listening to music, watching T.V. During Massage Treatment it is the opposite, you become the experience, whether consciously or subconsciously, and this experience allows you to become more aware of what you’re actually made of and perhaps who you really are. By understanding the greatness in what and who you are is in itself the process which eases most of the stress and you now feel yourself delve into those subliminal heavens I mentioned above. So – tune in and tune up because being alive means being aware.

Thanks for reading, if you want a more objective and inclusive understanding of skeletal muscles here’s a great comprehensive link with some visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_tZne9ON7c


By Bianca Anzovino 

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